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So you're interested in Native Plants...

Native? What does that mean...

What are my options?

Clearly you're semi interested in native plants if you have found yourself here on the website. That's great! Let's talk through how to choose plants based on your site conditions and preferences. Take a look at the checklist below. Walk yourself through the steps and before you know it you'll be ordering your plants!

In short, plants that are considered 'native' are ones that would be found growing 'pre-settlement' (before the introduction of non-native plants). This matters because entire ecosystems evolved to work in a cyclical and integrated way, when you put something in that doesn't belong it causes problems! 

All of the native plants available here are perennials meaning they will overwinter and come back next year. There are a few that are considered biennials which have a 2 year life cycle before reseeding themselves. Lastly self seeding annuals are ones that live only one year before reseeding themselves. Take note of these things when planning out your gardens, some of the plants will move around!

Step One..

Sunny or Shady?

'Full sun' is considered 6 hours of direct sun or more per day...

Part Sun/Shade is 4-6 hours of direct sun per day

Shade is less than 4 hours of direct sunlight per day

Step Two..

Soil Moisture?

Wet Soils

fully saturated soil, creek sides, ponds, standing water

Medium Soils retain some moisture at times and can also dry out 

Dry soils often drain quickly and therefor lack retained moisture 

Step Three..

Other Considerations

Deer and Rabbits?

Bloom time?

Bloom color?

Desired plant height/size? 

Of course, there is more to consider, but this will put you on the right track for selecting plants that will grow well for you!

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