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Meet the Owner 

My name is Aric Sampson. I am an adjunct instructor at Western Technical College in the Horticulture Department teaching 'Plant Identification' and 'Landscape Design'. In addition to that I am a Lead Landscape Designer at Coulee Region Ecoscapes LLC where we specialize in using native plants to mitigate stormwater, enhance biodiversity, and provide greater access to locally grown food. I have loved gardening and growing plants since I was a kid and the incredible world of native plants captured my attention long ago. My passions lie in sustainability, regenerative agriculture, ecology, and of course native plants!

Why plant native plants?

When we walk around our neighborhoods, the bulk of what we see are non-native plants used in sparse plantings surrounded by high-maintenance turf grass. As it turns out, this approach to landscaping proves detrimental to our local ecosystems. Choosing to plant native plants helps to provide food for birds, bees, butterflies and everything in between. Native plants have evolved to succeed in their natural environments and are often more drought tolerant and resilient than their non-native counterparts. 

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How it all started...

Originally founded by Joyce Cielecki and Michael Pelech. It started up in 2015 with the goal of providing quality native plants and education on sustainable landscaping practices.  They cultivated 100+ different varieties of plants grown from locally sourced seeds without the use of synthetic fertilizers. They put special emphasis on plants that attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. 

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